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Self Portrait by FuergrissaLykan Self Portrait :iconfuergrissalykan:FuergrissaLykan 3 0 God by FuergrissaLykan God :iconfuergrissalykan:FuergrissaLykan 0 0 Knowledge by FuergrissaLykan Knowledge :iconfuergrissalykan:FuergrissaLykan 1 0 tate by FuergrissaLykan tate :iconfuergrissalykan:FuergrissaLykan 1 0
Name:Richard Rahl
Occupation:Lord of Dhara, Bringer of death, pebble in the pond, seeker of truth, war wizard, etc etc
Appearance: Tall, broad shouldered musclar man. Very firm set jaw, dark grey soulful eyes. Medium brown hair. At one moment, can look like the nicest person in the world, in the next can turn into the bringer of death.
Height: 6 "5
Weight: 190 LB
History: Grew up in westland, went on a lot of crazy adventures, eventually ended up as the soul factor in the war between life and death itself.
Personality: Very caring, values life greatly. Will kill to defend the sanctity  of life. Very serious in times when it counts.
Abilities: Can wield additive and subtractive magic, can basically do anything he wants ever with his magic. Can call up the dead with his sword. Can basically do any survivability thing ever known to man.
Weaknesses: Empathy to people's poverty
Weapons: Sword of Truth. Additive magic and Subtractive magic
Statistics: (_
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Chayeh by FuergrissaLykan Chayeh :iconfuergrissalykan:FuergrissaLykan 1 0 Meekee by FuergrissaLykan Meekee :iconfuergrissalykan:FuergrissaLykan 1 0 Ambelina burning off her wings by FuergrissaLykan
Mature content
Ambelina burning off her wings :iconfuergrissalykan:FuergrissaLykan 0 0
Broken soul
The urge is calling
I am depleting
depletion is salvation
my king is creation
void unto void, paradoxically
I don't know why
I trust this knife
everything I have been told is a lie
this feels so right
this utter wrong
preconceived notions
of a mortal sin
the bodies in the nether
are the story of my broken soul
the pain in me is sweet release
the bodies tell a story
my salvation is you
your bloody soul
you guide me and have not led me astray
my inner demons are the kings I crown
tear my apart in sweet forgiveness
the glory of rapture
my broken soul can never be healed
I am such as has never been before
the bodies tell a story
of when this void in me will be filled
the void in me is hungering
the reason is unknown
the result is violence
stranger anomalies have been whispered
I will fill the void
the bodies tell a story
the knife is my tool
the story is my soul
my soul in dynamic algorithms
King of void
this universe is not ready for me
I am destroyer
I am creator
I am spawn of god himsel
:iconfuergrissalykan:FuergrissaLykan 1 0
Some poetry I've been working on, also thinking of making it into a song.
Inspired by sword of truth of course, chainfire, phantom, and confesser. such great books!
Untold in breeches
Left behind and forgotten
peripheral images
decaying, rotting away.
Wreaking havoc among untold number of innocents
plagued waters run forth
the sky is falling
the ground is breaking
the air is melting
memory decaying
the woman in white
invisible too all but few
forgotten life broken
He tries so reach her
bringer of death indeed
boxes are in play
armies are massing
one army, that is
the other dispersing
laying waste to all that is evil
emperors games
are savory in the least
win we must, to see the woman in white
to make her remember all that came before
remember she will
before the great shadow befalls us
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Mr. Infinity by FuergrissaLykan Mr. Infinity :iconfuergrissalykan:FuergrissaLykan 0 4 Wall of skulls and faces. by FuergrissaLykan Wall of skulls and faces. :iconfuergrissalykan:FuergrissaLykan 0 0 Frank the bunny, at the movies enjoying evil dead. by FuergrissaLykan Frank the bunny, at the movies enjoying evil dead. :iconfuergrissalykan:FuergrissaLykan 2 3 Mr. Infinity's one defeat. by FuergrissaLykan Mr. Infinity's one defeat. :iconfuergrissalykan:FuergrissaLykan 2 0 Underworld gaurdians by FuergrissaLykan Underworld gaurdians :iconfuergrissalykan:FuergrissaLykan 1 4 Radu Lykan by FuergrissaLykan Radu Lykan :iconfuergrissalykan:FuergrissaLykan 0 0


Poems #1 2
What did we do to deserve this?
A world so tattered & torn, so scattered & broken.
Sadly, I'll be saying this for the last time.
Goodbye this sweet sunshine. Goodbye darkness & light.
Goodbye seas and the stars, never to be seen from my eyes again.
Another season's change, goodbye to you as well.
1, 2, 3, blood splatters like the rain .
Small drips, one at a time.
Walking in the rain, it's clearer now. What my life was for.
Quietly again I pull the knife out. Instead of my finger, this time it's my wrist.
The blood drips faster now.
Thinking of the selfish ways and the people I whom I never spoke to with the last Goodbye.
Crying with the rain, life,
it seems so much harder now.
Again the knife's art leaves a trail of open skin down my arm.
Blood waving in the wind.
Red and clear drops now fall.
Please just let this life, my world end.
Tears still joining them.
Sitting on the corner.
Waiting for this life to change.
I'm just watching above, wishing his live will still go on.
Oh l
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Just joined, working on getting some of my artwork up on here.
I have a lot of drawings so it will take a quite a while.


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Jordan O'Connor
Artist | Student | Varied
I draw and read and write poetry.


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